Storage and Backups

Backing up is the single most important thing you can do for your computer. We offer on site configuration, as well as remote storage for files or even entire system images.

Network installation

1TRM can design, and install your new wired VOIP phones, Networked security Cameras, and configure your managed devices such as routers, switches, and wireless access points. We are also able to configure your Microsoft, Linux, or Apple server.

Windows and Mac repair?

1TRM has certified technicians who can diagnose and repair any issue on a Windows or Mac system. We also provide a limited guide which we update periodically with software and tips to assist in troubleshooting, if it solves your problem, don't forget to buy us a coffee!

Creative services and Web Hosting

1TRM helps its customers with creative needs by partnering with Spark Creative, enabling you to have high quality logos or banners for use in your site or to be scaled up for a billboard or down for a coffee cup. 1trm also offers very reasonable web hosting service.

What Do We Do?

Provide expert service with competitive rates.

We work with technicians who have a passion for technology above all else, we are tinkerers who beleive if we do a great job, and help you to do a great job, then eventually we might make the world a little bit better place for everyone. We are able to provide competitive rates by minimizing our business overhead. We budget well and do not maintain an office space in order to acheive this, that does not mean we don't have big plans for the future, it just means that we are willing to go against the grain to build our business, while minimizing our risk so that we can focus on what we want while not placing the unnecessary burden of the associated costs for "typical" technical shops on our customers. This choice has not affected us adversly, quite the contrary in fact. By operating within a very strict budget, we are forced to innovate and have some pretty slick solutions for our office phones, web meetings, and of course, our support services. It also means our techs get to buy more toys and technology to play with, which means that you get to benefit from our free time as well.

What We're Doing lately

Some of the projects we are working on.

  • Currently contracted to manage a large private network, with 150-600 users depending on the time of day, Primarily Windows network.
  • Work with various churches on the north side of town.
  • This site (still has a ways to go!)
  • Starting a podcast for those who want to do what we do.
  • Building the site for the above podcast, with links for tools, possibly a blog or two, and over time we'll be adding TONS of how-to's for everything from DIY Nas's, print servers, to building and hosting websites for free and for cost, as well as scripting guides (and of course, scripts) for all of our favorite systems.
  • Working with our partners to more tightly integrate our services, and to diversify our offerings.
  • Research, lots and lots of research.

What People Are Saying

Find and write more reviews at kudzu or like us on facebook

  • "Tom did a wonderful job on my computer. He told me about things I could do to fix my computer in the future"

    Amy in Dallas
  • "From time of my call to complete solution was just a matter of a couple of hours. A new security system was installed and tested and my computer was back on line. Service was not only fast but very professional and at reasonable cost."

    Dave in Atlanta
  • " Instead of taking my laptop into a back room to fix, he did it right in front of me, explaining what he was doing the whole way in language I could understand."

    Dean in Marietta