Offsite Services overview

Backups, of course.

We provide redundant, secure storage for your backups. The backup tools we use encrypt your backup, with your password, before they get sent to out storage centers. You can download and decrypt your data at anytime, our technician's do not have access to your data under any circumstances, so dont forget your password.


If you'd prefer to have someon else manage your email, we do that too! You'll simply need a pop or iMap client, or a modern browser to access your email. We can also set up and maintain Google Apps for your domain.


Some companies or individuals have a need for a VPN to ensure reliable communication or the ability to share files or databases between coworkers or other business sites. Our VPN's are not the type used for anonymous access to the internet.

AntiVirus Server

Another thing that can be quite a burden on IT Staff, is maintaining AntiVirus and ensuring that all devices in scope are on the current version. Our technicians can review it for you as often as everyday.

Ticketing Systems, and inventory

In our efforts to ease the burdn on your technical staff, we can set up an off-site ticket system, as well as off-site inventory.