Remote PC Checkup

It just needs a bit of tidying up.

Our remote checkup service is for those who are unable to get their computer into a shop, need to get rid of popups and generally de-gunk their computer. This service includes performing system updates, updating security software, and getting your computer to perform a little better. Essentially, if your computer mostly works, and you want to make sure that you aren't missing any of the little things.

Generally goes like...

We'll discuss with you, either over IM, phone, or email, what, if any issues you have . Once our technician has a general idea, we will go over the process and clearly explain what we hope to accomplish and what you should be able to expect. We'll shoot you over a document which allows or authorizes us to work on your computer as well as a scheduled time, generally immediatly, when we expect to start work on it, if its later we'll call to verify with you before doing anything. We'll ask you for mayment before we do any work, generally via PayPal. Then we do basic diagnostics, get the machine updated, cleaned up, and optimized. Within 24 hours we send you a report explaining what we did.


Can I watch? Yes. The way it works is we essentially "remote control" your computer, its sort of like sharing your screen, and mouse and keyboard control, but were somewhere else (Marietta, typically). We think that this is great because that you can see how some of the repair steps work, and maybe become comfortable doing it yourself.
Is there a gaurentee? No, our gaurentee does not extend to the Remote PC Checkup service, though you can apply the the first hours fee towards a pickup or an on-site visit as long as you are in our service area (see this page for our service area).
How much? $25 for the diagnostic, includes one total hour of labor, $25 an hour after that.
Whats not included? It is not possible to do a thorough diagnostic over the web, its not possible to scan for viruses in kernel or service level runtimes, its not possible to see or listen for fans spinning or drives clicking. The pickup service is thorough, this is more of a general maintenence cleaning.
Can I have this service on a scheduled bases? Certainly, we're happy to keep it running smoothly for any contract length.